natural brow enhancement & lash extensions


Natural brow enhancement services, as well as lash extensions are created here. Each service is curated to meet your own individual needs. We use top quality and safe products, promote and educate your overall wellness, and merge with the talent of our staff to give you the Unspecific Beauty experience!



what we provide

  • Lash Bath – 20 min - $10
  • Lash Removal – 1 hour - $50
  • Brow Jelly Mask – 15 min - $ 25


Joanna, Brow Lamination & Shape

I went to Unspecific Beauty to see Destiny for my first brow lamination and I’m obsessed!

The space was extremely clean and the whole experience was relaxing. I loved that she explained each step so I knew what was going on and how to maintain my brows so that the results last. She was very knowledgeable on what to do to make my brows look their very best, while also not doing too much and making sure they still complimented my face. 10 out of 10 recommend!

Liliana, The UB Brow

Destiny did a quick consultation and showed me step-by-step exactly what she would be best fit for me.

Since the pandemic, I have not tamed my brows at all so I was both nervous and excited to get them done. We decided lamination, tint, and a quick wax clean up was best, and the results were amazing! Destiny even showed me how to maintain my brows for a longer lasting look.
Definitely coming back!

Brianna, Lamination & Shape

I LOVED my experience. Destiny took my super thin, barely there brows and made them look so fluffy and beautiful. 
Brittany, Brow Tint & Shape

Destiny has gained a lifetime client 1000/10 recommendation!

Destiny did a phenomenal job on my brows! I was nervous at first being that it mu was my first time getting my brows tinted, but she made me feel comfortable and walked me through what she was doing! Overall my experience was top tier and I love my brows! 

Tajma, Classic Lash Set

The end result was EXACTLY what I wanted!

I went to Destiny to get serviced for my lashes. she was very gentle, made sure I was comfortable throughout my entire service, and her energy was amazing. Therefore it was worth the wait! can’t wait to come back for my refill.


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