The Healthy Beauty Club

‘The Healthy Beauty Club’ is a skin wellness community that receives monthly deals on services offered,  educational information & tips via email, daily affirmation emails, and product perks for any products sold in the salon. Being a healthy beauty happens not just inside the salon, but at home as well!

Monthly Deals

Surprise deals on all services offered can come at any time! These deals are only available to Healthy Beauty Club members. Our first deal will be revealed to you when you join the club.


At Unspecific Beauty, we want our clients to feel good inside and out. Destiny is a firm believer that our relationship with ourselves shows in the care we give to ourselves. Let's start our week with affirmations that will uplift you to keep beautiful vibes going!

Wellness Tips

Want better wellness but don't know where to start? Every so often, look out for a tip to help and encourage new habits for your wellness journey!

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Founder, Destiny Kidd-Gilchrist, has always had a passion for wellness and beauty. While studying in esthetician school, she was amazed by all the vital knowledge needed in order to live an overall healthy life. She’s a strong believer that making the effort to show yourself love is through how we care for our mind and body. There are many components to having healthy brows and lashes, and the biggest is starting with our skin. In order to nourish that it starts with the nourishment of our bodies and daily habits. By joining ‘The Healthy Beauty Club’ you are joining a community committed to educational benefits, exclusive monthly service deals, and most importantly a licensed beauty & skin wellness professional dedicated to keep you going strong in your self-care journey!


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